As a newly-founded non-profit organization, Kimokeo Foundation is preparing our wa‘a for our journey and is currently setting the groundwork for the programs which we will be concentrating on for years to come. This includes building our donor and supporter bases, creating partnerships and relationships with people who can help us accomplish our program goals and branding our organization.

Concurrently, we are also working on our first major program which is driven by Kimokeo’s pure belief that in order for our Hawaiian culture to thrive and live on in perpetuity, the heart of our culture, the Hawaiian language, must be preserved and he knows that the way to preserve it is through our keiki (children). Therefore, we are partnering with Maui’s Hawaiian immersion schools to assist them in building new educational facilities.

Over the years, Kimokeo Foundation has supported immersion education and outreach programs, has provided educational supplies and has formed partnerships with several Maui Hawaiian immersion schools. With your generous donation, it will help us move forward toward our goal of raising a new generation of Native Hawaiian speakers.